Organizing Caregiving Help

Here are some steps to consider in organizing your home life:

  • Identify family, friends, or those in the community who can assist you in the home.
  • Ask a friend or adult family member to help coordinate homecare, which can allow you to take a much needed break from caregiving and help you identify community resources.
  • Outline your tasks. Not just tasks to take care of the injured service member or veteran with TBI, but tasks that lighten the load for you and other members of the family.

Caregivers sometimes feel like they need to do everything, but everyone benefits from using available resources to provide the necessary care.

What needs to be done?
Your new “normal” day will now consist of everyday tasks, plus the care and treatment tasks for the service member or veteran. Care and treatment may be time-consuming, so your homecare team may be able to help you with some everyday tasks and possibly some of the service member or veteran’s care. If you ask your children for help, be sure the tasks you give them are age-appropriate.

Creating your homecare team

  • Bring family members and friends together, and discuss tasks that need to be completed.
  • Request their help in caregiving, understanding that no one is able to do it all.
  • If possible, include the service member or veteran with TBI in identifying potential team members.