Ongoing Recovery

Each person’s experience with the effects of TBI is unique. Most effects improve with time, although some may linger for a lifetime.

As you are now aware, brain injury presents many challenges for survivors and their families. For many, recovery will extend over a lifetime. There is no “normal” time frame for recovery. Many people with severe injury surprise doctors with an unexpected degree of improvement months or years after the injury.

Many factors determine the extent of recovery. The more severe the damage to the brain, the greater the likelihood of long-term challenges. Pre-injury history plays a role in how the individual will adapt and accept these changes.

With the passage of time, a dose of patience, and a strong support system, most individuals will go on living meaningful, productive, and fulfilling lives.

Returning to the community, to family, and to school or work following a TBI can be challenging, but it is possible. Often, the possibility of being part of their families, being productive members of the community, and getting back to doing the things that are meaningful and give purpose to life, is what drives individuals with TBI to work hard in therapy and rehabilitation.